Introducing my new book, Not Sorry

In which I hold the book for the first time, read you a story and wish I had brushed my hair

Dear all,

No, you haven’t lost the plot. It is still October, and this isn’t your monthly newsletter! However, it’s a very special day for me, as today I actually hold my collection of very short stories, Not Sorry, for the first time. It’s my seventh book but if anything I think each time gets every more exciting.

I’m not having a launch for Not Sorry - pandemic, zoom fatigue and all that - so instead, I’m declaring the book launched with all of you lot today. Please join me below for the official opening of the box of books...

You can buy the book at all sorts of good places, and even pre-order it today - HERE. If you want to drop me a note with confirmation, and you are in the UK, I’ll send the first twenty of you a gift. If you’re outside of the UK, or a bit too late for the post, I’ll send you a special email!

In the meantime, here’s the text of the story I read…

And that’s a wrap. Thank you for coming to my party!!! There will so be cake later…

Much love,


ps Just in case you missed the link for where to buy the book, it’s here! I so much hope you enjoy these strange little stories.